No matter how your company is organized, we know that those responsible for sponsorship are very busy, often under resourced while multi-tasking and on the move from one event to another. At the same time, the need to justify a return on sponsorships has never been greater.

R.O.O. Sponsorship helps by delivering a fully-managed solution. While our process is web based, we manage it. We do not hand you a software platform to learn and implement. Instead, we are a hands-on extension of your company that oversees and administers the entire ongoing evaluation process. We provide robust insights that are easy to understand and disseminate, freeing you and our team to think strategically and develop impactful sponsorships.

Evaluate Proposals      Measure Post-Sponsorship Performance      Audit Current Portfolio      Develop Strategy

Implement a turnkey evaluation process with no new software to learn or manage 

Implementing new processes and software is daunting for any size company. Beyond IT issues, resources are required to learn a new online platform and subsequently manage it. We eliminate those barriers by developing your entire sponsorship evaluation process and serving as an extension of your company by fully managing your process and reporting insights on an ongoing basis.

Get objective advice and insights from experts with world-class experience

Sponsorship professionals are great at developing and implementing creative sponsorships and activations, but may not have the time or the expertise to perform quantitative analysis. R.O.O. Sponsorship has not only extensive experience on both the brand and properties sides, but also in the research industry. As an extension of your team, we crunch the numbers and use our expertise to make sense of the data so that you can focus on other priorities.

Negotiate better deals and improve current partnerships

Requiring organizations to submit a formal proposal that is evaluated and scored based on your criteria provides a clear understanding of the value of sponsorship. You can leverage these insights to negotiate the price of a package and/or the assets contained within it. Our evaluation can help you when entering into new partnerships as well as when the time comes to renew.

Measure and evaluate with customized and objective criteria

Every company approaches sponsorships differently and has their own specific set of objectives. Using "Return on Objectives" principles, we develop evaluation criteria that are customized to you. Our flexible solution removes all subjectivity from the process and provides a true picture of how your sponsorships or proposals are performing relative to one another.

Align partners on the assets most important to your business goals

Sponsorship proposals come from many different directions. Executives, colleagues, customers, community organizations and sales reps all apply pressure to sponsor events and properties. By implementing established criteria, our process serves as a roadmap, aligning internal and external partners on what types of sponsorships will work for your organization and the assets you will need to reach your objectives.

Benchmark, justify and increase your sponsorship budgets

All companies struggle with efficiently aggregating and utilizing vast amounts of data across all areas of their business. The reality is that sponsorship has lagged behind other marketing disciplines in terms of measurement and benchmarking. Our approach provides an objective assessment of your sponsorship portfolio's value and effectiveness. By applying more science to the art of sponsorship, you can confidently show a return on your spend.

Track performance with customized reports and dashboards 

See all your critical sponsorship data in one online dashboard. In a snapshot, you will be able to visualize and interpret key performance indicators and measure the effectiveness of your sponsorships. We customize dashboards to your specific needs and store all of your reports in one easy-to-access secure portal. Your team will be provided with as many individual logins as are needed.

Manage proposals effectively and efficiently

Streamline how you collect and review sponsorship proposals. Our online submission and scoring saves many hours manually reviewing proposals. We eliminate the often tedious work spent on this task and help make the decision process more objective. By automating workflows, we simplify the process so that you can select the best sponsorships faster and more efficiently.

Improve internal transparency and corporate governance

Fewer and fewer sponsorships are being approved without a process for governance based on a formal evaluation. The rigor around this is growing along with the number of companies applying a metrics-based approach. As part of our service, we generate customized quantitative evaluations for each of your sponsorships to meet all internal governance and transparency requirements.