R.O.O. Sponsorship is an independent company with decades of sponsorship evaluation experience. We do not buy, sell or activate sponsorships. We focus on providing an objective service with a customized evaluation tool and have experience evaluating thousands of sponsorships for hundreds of brands across the world.

Sponsorship is a creative business, which should be supported with a robust and disciplined quantitative evaluation process. Companies are continually applying more governance and science around the decision-making process related to sponsorships. This is a great sign of industry maturity and R.O.O. Sponsorship is dedicated to helping sponsors improve their performance.

Mark Cornish, Founder & Principal

Mark oversees R.O.O.'s international network of sponsorship evaluation experts, all of whom have worked with him for more than ten years. He began his career in sponsorship evaluation in 1987, witnessing the rise of sponsorship and media rights and the challenges in how to evaluate. He has worked with numerous high-profile corporations and brands, always challenging them to improve how they measure by applying a scientific approach to sponsorships. Mark was previously a board member of the European Sponsorship Association and has contributed to the trade press and the ANA Sponsorship & Events Marketing Committee. He is also on the judging panel for the UK Sponsorship Awards.